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St Wulfran’s Ovingdean is a Church of England parish near Brighton, the home base of a lively, outward-looking Christian community. We are an inclusive congregation with a real sense of outreach to our local community and beyond, and a commitment to continuing the loving work of Jesus Christ.


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A message from Father Richard
Hello and a warm welcome to Wulfran’s Church, an ancient and beautiful place of worship and prayer with deep spiritual roots and a joyful growing congregation. St Wulfran’s is a peaceful sanctuary, surrounded by a beautiful churchyard, the South Downs and is close to the sea and the city of Brighton & Hove. We want people to find a home at St Wulfran’s, to find a place of belonging and spiritual pathway to belief. In being an inclusive church we believe God delights in diversity and we seek to make sure everyone feels equally loved and valued. We look forward to meeting you.


We are committed to promoting a safer church and have adopted the Church of England’s Safeguarding Policy for children, young people and adults.


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Next Generation

Next Generation is about deciding together as a parish how we might further invest in St Wulfran’s so that it continues to be a thriving parish for this and future generations. Get involved – share your ideas.

In terms of investment we might for example want to consider new investments in the fabric of the church building and grounds, we might also want to consider investing in people and activities to deliver new things or new ways of doing things.

We want the process of gathering ideas and agreeing on priorities to be as collaborative as possible. Throughout last autumn, we sought views from within the St Wulfran’s community on potential projects. We are hugely grateful for the projects you have suggested, most of which are eminently do-able. 

What we have to do now is to obtain specific professional advice on each of the key clusters of projects, and start action plans to take this forward.

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