St Wulfran’s Easter Churchyard Quiz

You will find all the answers by looking around you in the churchyard and in Daphne’s Field.

  1. Enter the churchyard from the lychgate – on the slope in front of you is a large memorial tomb with decorated arches. Find the surname of the family whose members are buried here.
  2. How could the people of Ovingdean coming to church tell the time in olden days?
  3. In the  church porch  find a war memorial on the wall.  How many people from this parish died in the war 1939-45?
  4. Walk round the church and look upwards –  what can you see high above that is gold and tells us about the weather.
  5. Near the  porch find an archway in the churchyard wall. When was the money box in the wall given and who by?
  6. Continue round past the church door and up the first steps.  Look for the grave of Magnus Volk. What was he famous for?
  7. Find a tombstone with a white marble angel and a cross. What is the word below the angel?
  8. Continue to the upper churchyard. Find a big bench seat surrounded by a large curved memorial wall. Look by one of the urns. Who “spent her life in the service of others”
  9. Walk up to the top of the churchyard and turn left into Daphne’s Field. At the top of the field is a metal fence with a gate  with a sign about animals – what  is this for?
  10. Walk down to the middle of the field – what is the strip of newly dug earth for?

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