Parish Mission


Our previous mission statement utilised the word ‘WULFRAN’, with each letter representing a different aspect of mission. It remains a useful summary of some of the things we do in pursuit of our mission:-


See the What’s On page for information on our services and events.


Uniting All

We are an inclusive congregation who welcome all, whatever your age, beliefs (or none!), sexual orientation, position in society, state of health or anything else about you. Just come with an open heart and we will try to meet you in the same way.

One of the major opportunities we have for meeting  is the time following the Sung Eucharist on a Sunday. It is a time to ‘catch up’ with people that we may not have seen for a while, and to welcome any new members of the congregation.

We include children’s activities as part of normal worship at St Wulfran’s, with books and toys at the front of the church for young children who find being in a church service rather long! The First Sunday Eucharists are a little more informal. Our Sunday School, ‘Little Fishes’, meets in the Church Room 10.00 – on other Sundays, joining the rest of the congregation for a blessing at the altar during the administration of Holy Communion. Further details may be found on the Children, page along with photographs from previous events, such as the Easter egg hunt.

For the older generation, especially those who are living alone, we have Ovingdean Friends Lunch Club as well, of course, as our full programme of worship, study groups, Advent and Lent courses, retreats, etc.

For the Friends Lunch Club and the monthly morning Bible Study, contact Rea Hollis (01273 304486) for more information.

Look at our Events page as well for more details.

We have a safeguarding policy in place for children and vulnerable adults.


Learn and Grow

There is a friendly and informal Bible Study group, held in the home of a congregation member and meeting on the second Monday in the month at 10 am.

We read and discuss chosen passages from the Bible, and coffee and biscuits follow this.

For more information and details of the next meeting telephone Rea Hollis on 01273 304346

We run study groups during Advent and Lent every year and we have a programme of retreats and Quiet Days. For information, see ‘Events’


Find and Care

Friends Lunch

Friends Lunch  – All Welcome! It is primarily designed for those who do not drive, or do not have much opportunity to meet socially.  At full strength we could have eighteen people, but usually there are around ten. Transport is provided.

We go to The Swan Inn in Falmer on the second Thursday in the month.  If you would like to join us, please phone Rea Hollis 01273 380866 or Rose Daly 01273 308488

Pastoral Care and Prayer Ministry


Holy Communion for people who are ill or housebound is available.  Contact the Parish Priest, Mother Kathryn, if you require this ministry.


Pastoral conversation, prayer, laying on of hands and anointing is available from the Parish Priest on the Fourth Sunday of each month AFTER the 10.00 am Eucharist.

Other Prayer Events – All Welcome!

Every Friday morning at 9.00 am we meet in church for half an hour of silent meditation and contemplation, based on the teachings of Julian of Norwich and of Centering Prayer.


Reach Out

We hold regular services and events that involve people in our local community and we are actively involved in the life of the village.



We support various charities and support Christian Aid Week.

Nurturing People of All Ages

We are a child friendly church. We hope parents and children will always feel at home in St Wulfran’s. We have the front pews reserved for smaller children and their parents, and we try to involve older ones in taking part in our worship. The First Sunday Eucharist is aimed at younger people in particular. Our Sunday School is held in the Church Room.

In addition we seek to help nurture children by supporting the Ovingdean Nursery School which meets every morning from 8.30 until 1.00 in the Church Room. This lively and friendly little school provides lots of activities to help stimulate growing minds in a safe environment. Please telephone 01273 302991 for further details.

We are an inclusive congregation where we hope absolutely everybody will find a warm welcome, whatever their background, age, ethnicity, sexuality, class, level of ability, marital status.

Confirmation and Baptism preparation takes place as required and Ovingdean co-operates with other churches in the Deans Group in planning Confirmation services. Anyone wishing to be baptised or confirmed should contact the Parish Priest, Mother Kathryn.

Promoting a Safer Church

See Safeguarding.