Next Generation Project

Next Generation Project

Next Generation is about deciding together as a parish how we might further invest in St Wulfran’s so that it continues to be a thriving parish for this and future generations.

In terms of investment we might for example want to consider new investments in the fabric of the church building and grounds, we might also want to consider investing in people and activities to deliver new things or new ways of doing things. Our suggestion is that everything should be on the table.  In providing ideas we therefore encourage you to consider all options….and give yourself permission to dream a little.

We want the process of gathering ideas and agreeing on priorities to be as collaborative as possible.

You can give us your ideas on line through this link:

You will also be able to share your ideas by using a simple paper form (available at the back of the church) to record your thoughts and suggestions for projects, activities and new investments. Just pop it in the Next Generation post box at the bottom of this display