St Wulfran’s is a beautiful and welcoming place in which to be married.

You don’t have to live in the Parish to be married here but you will be asked to attend church services for a while before your wedding.

Reading the Banns of Marriage

Reading the Banns of Marriage is a legal requirement. Your intention to be married has to be declared publically three times in the church where you live and in the church in which you are to marry.

The Marriage

The Wedding service is set by the Church of England in its ‘Common Worship’ book. The couple can add readings, hymns and music of your choice (but in consultation with the priest).

If one or both of you have been previously divorced, it will be the decision of the Parish Priest whether or not to marry you.  We warmly encourage you to discuss your particular situation with our Assistant Priest, Mary Samuel.

As you may know, the Church of England regrettably does not currently allow its priests to marry same-sex couples, despite this being the law of the land. As with divorced people, however, you are warmly invited to discuss your situation with Mary Samuel to consider what is possible.

For all enquiries about weddings and blessings at St Wulfran’s, please get in touch with Revd Mary Samuel on 01273 958693