Come and have a look inside our parish church, open every day of the year.

We welcome you in hospitality – come and rest a while.

Come and light a candle in the Lady Chapel and be still and pray.  Next to the statue of the Virgin and Child you will find rose-scented hand cream as a special treat.  Here you will also find a small bowl of Holy Water and we invite you to use this in making the sign of the cross – a “cruciform” prayer.  Write your prayers and requests in the Prayer Request Book and we will pray for you, your loved ones and your concerns.

Come and gaze at the stained glass windows, the murals and the beautifully painted Kempe Ceiling. Read a booklet on our church’s history, art and architecture.

Come and have a cup of coffee or tea from our Refreshment Trolley located in our Bell Tower area. Take your drink outside if you wish, and enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of nature in this quiet and ancient place.  You could sit on a bench in our Churchyard or over in Daphne’s Field. If you like great coffee and special baked treats, please visit our local beanery, The Nomad Cafe, a short walk from St Wulfran’s.

The church offers a warm welcome to all pilgrims, visitors, walkers, cyclists, bikers, car journeyers, passers-by, everyone! However you have journeyed to us, as you enter the church building you will find our Christian Literature Area, with prayer cards, booklets, pamphlets, and Bibles for you to read and take away with you.  We hope you find these resources helpful as you carry on your spiritual journey.

We also have Coffee Time after the Sunday Parish Eucharist. We hope to see you then!


Thanksgiving Day :  Mother Kathryn’s Turkey Burp 2018

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day for the first time at St Wulfran’s with over a dozen Pumpkin Pies – all very different, yet all made from the same recipe. Variety IS the spice of life!  We also enjoyed homemade Turkey Pâté with Cornbread, Pumpkin Pie Coffee, and good company. We hope you can join us next year for Mother Kathryn’s Turkey Burp 2019.