Welcome to St Wulfran’s Church

Rector: Fr Richard Tuset

01273 962831; frrichardtuset@outlook.com

A Parish Church   St Wulfran’s Ovingdean is a Church of England parish near Brighton, the home base of a lively, outward-looking Christian community. We are an inclusive congregation with a real sense of outreach to our local community and beyond, and a commitment to continuing the loving work of Jesus Christ.


An Ancient Church  St Wulfran’s is one of the oldest buildings in the city of Brighton and Hove, and is a place of prayer and peace.  It has been our spiritual home, serving the community of Ovingdean, for over a thousand years.

A Beautiful Church  The Victorian artist Charles Eamer Kempe was an Ovingdean resident and his famous Kempe Ceiling  and stained glass windows make St Wulfran’s a very special place.

The Church is open for private prayer and contemplation every day, and you are welcome to light a candle in the Lady Chapel.


Sunday 10am – Eucharist Service in church and on Zoom

Third Sunday each month 8.00am Said Eucharist

Wednesday 10.15am – 1st and 3rd Wednesdays – Eucharist in church; other Wednesdays Morning Prayer on Zoom

Thursday 9am – Morning Prayer – in church or on Zoom

Friday 9am – Silence and Stillness30 minutes of meditation and contemplation on Zoom

Spirit on Sunday Evening Worship – Sunday 17 September Healing Service https://stwulfrans.org.uk/spirit-evening-worship-at-st-wulfrans

For full details and Zoom access arrangements see Worship page: https://stwulfrans.org.uk/worship-2

Next Generation is about deciding together as a parish how we might further invest in St Wulfran’s so that it continues to be a thriving parish for this and future generations. Get involved – share your ideas: https://stwulfrans.org.uk/next-generation-project


Patricia Couchman | 01273 307134 | couchmanpatricia6@gmail.com

Ewart Wooldridge | 01273 390206 | ewart.wooldridge@uwclub.net


Disabled Access

We regret that our ancient building is currently not fully accessible for people with mobility issues, particularly those who use a wheelchair.  There is a fairly steep slope up to the church gate, as well as some steps. We do have portable ramps that can be deployed.  If you plan to visit us and require help with access, please Contact Us in advance and we will do our best to assist you.