Sunday 8th January


Sunday 8th January at 6.00 pm at St Wulfran's Church


Our regular informal 'Second Sunday' evening service in January will celebrate The Epiphany - the revelation of the Christmas birth to the wider world.


For many of us, it was our baptism that marked the start of our own Christian journey.  Even if that baptism took place before we were aware of it, our parents were recognising us children of God and making a proclamation on our behalf.


Sunday 8th is the day the church celebrates Jesus' baptism in the River Jordan, an event that marked the start of his earthly ministry.  Our evening service on 8th January will give us a chance to reflect on baptism - perhaps our own baptism or that of our children or godchildren or, if we haven't been baptised yet, on what baptism might mean.


As usual, there will be some songs, some actions as well as words and some fellowship afterwards over a cup of tea or coffee.


Do come and join us, baptised or not!


All welcome


Barry Sugg

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