Our Parish Community and Village Life


We have lots going on for adults who want to join in.  We are creating networks for people to meet together who feel that they would like to get out and meet other people.

If you know of anyone who might like to reconnect with the wider world again and make new friends in a safe and friendly setting, please contact 

Please contact Jeanie or Anne Smalley for more details...



We are intersted in starting up a new social group called 'Hello!'.  This is especially for the older generation who would like to meet up with each other over a cup of tea once a month to chat and gently make new friends.  We can arrange for a lift too if you need transport to get to this group.  If you are inerested in coming along, please phone Chris Evans 01273...



Ladies Lunch 

There is a monthly 'Ladies' Lunch', although anyone can come along to this - ladies and gentlemen!  People meet up once a month and have a lovely lunch at the Swan Inn in Falmer.  It's organised by Rea, a member of our church and she would love to hear from you if you would like to join in and come along to this very friendly group.  A lift can also be arranged.

Contact Rea Hollis

01273 380866




We have a safeguarding policy in place for vulnerable adults.  For more information see 'Promoting a Safe Church'.