Saint Wulfran

Very little is known about St Wulfran (sometimes spelt Wulfram) and ours is one of only two churches in the UK dedicated to this Saint, the other being in Grantham, Lincolnshire. 

Wulfran was bishop and missionary. Born in Milly-la-ForêtFrance, he was the son of Fuldert, a courtier in the service of the Frankish King Dagobert (r. 623-639). Wulfran served in the Court of KingThierry (r. 670-687) of Neustria. Once a priest, he was appointed Bishop of Sens, replacing the previous occupant of the see, St. Amatus, who was then in exile. Wulfram resigned after a few years and set out as a missionary to preach among the Frisians. With a group of monks he converted many Frisians, including the son of the pagan ruler Radbod, before finally returning to Fontenelle, France, where he died. 

St Wulfran's Banner

Our beautiful banner was presented to St. Wulfran's by Fr. Tony Otterwell

Below is a brief  "story" as read at out 2009 Harvest and Patronal Songs of Praise 

"In a land far away..
there lived a very rich and important young man called Wulfran.
He believed in God, so he trained as a priest, and was so well thought of he was soon made an Archbishop. However, he decided it was more important to do good by helping people and spreading the good news of Jesus. He gave away all his wealth, resigned as Archbishop, and went out as a missionary to live amongst the poor and sow the seed of God’s word.

He arrived in a land where the custom was to sacrifice people to the heathen gods. One day Wulfran came across two children about to be drowned. They had been tied to posts and left to drown as the tide rose. Wulfran begged the king for their lives but was told that he would not change the custom and mockingly invited Wulfran to save them if he could. The saint then waded into the sea and, though the tide rose, he miraculously saved the two children.
The king and all the people saw this and came to believe in the one true God. The king became a Christian and the people folloed him, and were baptized.
So, like a good shepherd, he harvested a great many people to come to the Christian faith.
This is the story of our own St Wulfran"

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